We have chiller cabinets packed with home roasted & continental meats, cheeses from Britain & across Europe, olives & snacks from around the world plus a whole range of pre prepared chilled meals. Our shelves are also packed with an amazing range of jarred & packaged products including local Lincolnshire honey, cottage delight stuffing’s & sauces plus many more.

Deli Menus


Soft roll £2.50, Tortilla Wrap £2.75, Ciabatta £3.25, Flatbread £3.25

  • Egg mayo
  • Tuna mayo
  • Chicken breast
  • Baked ham
  • Pepperoni
  • Chicken tikka
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Cheese savoury
  • Goats cheese
  • Mozzarella
  • Gouda cheese
  • Apple wood
  • Chicken & bacon
  • Chicken Caesar
  • Sweet chilli chicken
  • Pesto Chicken
  • Classic BLT
  • Pastrami*
  • Roast beef*
  • Chorizo*
  • Cornish Brie*
  • Feta cheese*
  • Pulled pork*
  • Roast turkey*

*indicates 50p extra

All sandwiches made fresh & served with salad of your choice at no extra cost

Extras 50p

Cheese ~ sundried tomato ~ olives ~ coleslaw ~ Roasted peppers

Swanky pants sandwiches

Classic club - Chicken & crispy bacon with tomato, egg, rocket salad & basil mayo

Uncle Sam's - Pastrami with tomato, onion, Swiss cheese, pickles & mustard mayo

Spicy Tuna Melt - Tuna mayo, roasted peppers, red onion, tomato, chilli's & mozzarella

BBQ chicken - Chicken breast & bacon smothered with bbq sauce & smoked cheese

Posh kebab - roast beef with garlic butter , red onion , mayonnaise & Gouda cheese

Mediterranean melt - Roast veg in a tomato sauce topped with goats cheese & rocket

Cran-brie melt - crispy bacon with sweet cranberry sauce & creamy Cornish brie

The Italian - garlic butter, pesto, spinach , roasted peppers, blushed tomatoes & mozzarella

3 little pigs - crispy bacon, chorizo, & pulled pork with BBQ sauce & cheddar cheese

Pepperoni pizza - pepperoni, tomato sauce, roasted peppers & tomatoes with mozzarella

All £4.00 & served hot or cold on ciabatta or flatbread

Baked Potatoes

Regular or Sweet Potato

Traditional Spud £3.25

Sweet Potato £3.50




Tuna mayo

Chicken bacon mayo

Cheese savoury

Sweet chilli chicken

Traditional Spud £3.50

Sweet Potato £3.75

Roasted veg & mozzarella

Pesto chicken & rocket

Cheesy BBQ bacon beans

Chicken tikka & yogurt

Chicken & bacon Caesar

Texan chilli

BBQ pulled pork

Add side salad to your jacket potato for £1.00

Extra fillings 75p

Salad Boxes

Traditional Salads

Regular £3.45 ~ medium £3.95 ~ large £4.45

Fill your box with fresh prepared salad then choose 3 toppings from the selection in the fridge

Special Salads


Greek salad — Greek feta with Kalamata olives & oven roasted tomato with cucumber & mixed leaf salad

Pesto chicken — spinach & rocket salad with roasted peppers , parmesan , croutons & pesto chicken

Tomato & mozzarella — sundried tomato with torn mozzarella on a rocket & tomato pasta salad

Chicken Caesar — chicken breast & crispy bacon with a mixed leaf & cucumber salad, parmesan, croutons & dressing

Pastrami & pickles — peppered beef with pickles, emmental cheese, tomato & red onion on a mixed leaf salad & honey mustard dressing

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